How should I vote?

2016 EU Referendum

These simple questions may help you figure out the right way to vote.

Choose the statements you agree with the most and your result will be calculated at the end.

This quiz takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Democracy benefits from:

  • a diversity of involved populations. Correct.
  • borders. Wrong.

Your country is made of neighbouring councils working together. Your neighbouring countries form the United Kingdom. A European Union is a step in the same direction. We should be more involved.

Division leads to:

  • conflict. Correct.
  • better trade. Wrong.

The more you split something, the smaller it gets. Division demeans collaboration. Negotiations happen over a table, not a wall.

Problems should be:

  • solved by everybody who can help. Correct.
  • left to those they affect directly. Wrong.

Lifting those that need help makes everybody better off. Some problems affect us all, and require cooperation to fix.

People should be treated:

  • equally. Correct.
  • based on how good they are for this country. Wrong.

Rating people for their skills boils down to how lucky they were to be born into money and education. We offer both.

Being born in a place:

  • means basically nothing. Correct.
  • gives you more right to the land than others. Wrong.

The borders of countries and continents were made without you in mind. Where somebody is born is a lottery.

The UK’s wealth and education:

  • should empower the lives of everybody on the planet. Correct.
  • belongs to us. Wrong.

No one person is responsible for the success of this country or any other. No one person is entitled to the benefits of that success above any other.

The results are in.

Looks like you’ve chosen answers that suit remaining in the EU with your neighbours, friends, and cousins!

You should vote to Remain.

Share your result and get your undecided (or strongly decided) friends to play